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The intention of this website is to offer a PC-program, which allows to calculate recipes for rubber compounds using your own compound database. This can be done with any recipes either Rubber, TPE, Thermoplastic, Polyurethane or any other compounds as long as they normalized on polymer.

Working successfully with statistic experimental design in rubber compounding and processing I found it difficult to accept, that compounds stored away in databases could not be used neither in compound development nor for quick response to a customer request.

The handle such compound database a tool is needed other than a simple search tool. Some attempts were made in the past, to make such an unorganized, historically grown compound database an useful resource for compound development. For example, entering compound properties allow a formulation to be calculated. That would be much more helpful. GrafCompounder shows an easy and fast way, to analyze and finally to simulate a recipe from any compound database.

Please visit my personal website: hans-joachim-graf, to learn about my other activities in training and education in rubber technology

Next Exhibitions / Webinars / Seminars / Conferences:

Due to the necessary precautions to be followed because of the Covid-19 outbreak, we do not provide seminars, conferences or exhibtions this year.
Instead we offer webinars held by TechnoBiz consultants.
For information please visit: KnowHow Webinars

Four Webninars provided by myself: Two in August and two in September:

  1. 25. August: Rubber Extrusion - Impact of Residence Time Distribution on Rubber Compounding
  2. 27. August: Design of Rubber Injection Molding Process.
  3. 15. September: Design of Experiments (DoE) in Rubber Manufacturing Processes
  4. 16. September: Design of Experiments (DoE) in Rubber Formulation Development

The GRTE Bangkok was postponed to March 2021.
We will make sure, this event will be one of the most important event in South-East Asia

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